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South East Asia Travel Reference Map

6th Edition

Scale 1:4,000,000
ISBN 9781553410775
UPC 815534107770
$ CAD 12.95
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The part of the world from southern China, through the Indo-Chinese peninsula, and sweeping through the Indonesian archipelago to the hundreds of islands comprising the Philippines, is a fascinating part of the world to map. Countless cultures interact in this vast region - the mountain people along the Vietnamese/Laotian border, the fisherman of coastal regions and islands, the lovely and gentle Balinese, and the business-like Javanese. This is an extremely important part of the world - touristically attractive, economically thriving, and scenically unbeatable. This latest edition will be useful for anyone visiting the region. It is detailed, printed double-sided.

Legend Includes:
Road by classification, Motorways, Main Roads, Rail Ways, Parks, Border, Lakes, Hotels, Motels, Viewpoints, Point of Interests and much more...

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