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Dubai & UAE Travel Reference Map 3rd Ed.

3rd Edition

Scale 1:15,000 / 1:950,000
ISBN 9781771292337
UPC 817712923370
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The Sultanate of Dubai is evolving into a popular tourist destination for week-long stays. The city itself is fairly new, with lots of exciting architecture, including the man-made resort islands of Deira and Palm Jumeirah. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and the Dubai Mall is the world’s largest, with more than 80 million visitors annually. The gold souk is a fascinating traditional market. Truly, the city is making extraordinary efforts to attract visitors from around the world. Equally interesting are the surrounding countries of the United Arab Emirates and Oman, all of which are tourist-friendly. International airports are located close to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Muscat. Excellent modern roads connect the entire region and border crossings are relatively routine. This map shows an attractive and interesting part of the world, including such marvels as the Hajar Mountains and Al Ain, one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities.

Legend Includes:
International Boundaries, Railway, Motorway, Major Highway, Main Road, Beach, Light House, Ferry Route, River, Palace, Mountain Peak, Diving Site, etc.

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