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World Wall Map (large size) Antique & Modern Political Version (comes flat only) 1:27,000,000


Scale 1:27,000,000
ISBN 9781771298964/ 8957
$ CAD 26.95
$ USD 26.95
€ EUR 19.95
£ GBP 18.95

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There isn’t much one can say about a map of the world that is innovative or different. Obviously, these two maps, printed on paper, are worthwhile wall hangings. They are accurate, up-to-date, detailed, informative, and hopefully attractive. They are provided flat or rolled individually in plastic sleeves. We can bundle together ten or more into a roll to reduce shipping costs, but the bottom line is that the cost of shipping is very high for small quantities. The suggested retail price for each is $26.95cdn/us E19.95 18.95GBP. ITMB also released two smaller-sized world maps last month. They would fit into most commercial laminating machines, and lamination would increase their value.

Legend Includes:
Capital, International boundary, State/ Province line, Main Route, Main Railway, River, International Date Line, Mountain summit, Waterfall, etc.

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