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Turkey West Travel Reference Map

1st Edition

Scale 1:550,000
ISBN 9781553415282
UPC 815534152800
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Turkey is a big country. Most visitors concentrate on Istanbul and the Izmir Coast, which is a shame as there are so many other interesting parts of the country to visit. This map covers the western third of the country as a double-sided map, covering from the Greek/Bulgarian border south to the Mediterranean and east to Eregli and Antalya in the east. Naturally, at a better scale, roads and road conditions can be shown to better advantage, and the ferry routes from Istanbul make more sense. The topography is now showing as contouring more easily, and we have been able to add the next layer of villages. The scale is still not appropriate for showing minor roads and tracks, but we have included as many as we feel we can. The map is printed on durable plastic paper, so will stand up to the rigours of travel quite well. A basin inset map of Istanbul has been included as well. If this map finds favour, we will prepare the next third, covering the central portion of Turkey, during 2014.

Legend Includes:
Road by classification, Motorways, Multilane Hwy, Main Roads, Rail Ways, Ferry Routes, National parks, Province Border, International Border, Lakes, Monuments, Caves, Ruins, Campsites, Hotels, Motels, Viewpoints, Point of Interests and much more...

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