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Morocco Travel Reference Map (WP)

4th Edition

Scale 1:1,100,000/1:1,500,000
ISBN 9781771294638
UPC 817712946386
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Morocco is a haven of peace in a world beset by religious strife. The country has close ties to Europe, with the Strait of Gibraltar allowing easy ferry access, and the country is interesting, well-developed, and safe. The fabled cities of Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, Sale, and Tangier are al included as insets, and the road and rail networks are clearly shown. Please note that it is still not possible to travel to neighbouring Algeria due to long-standing political differences, but the road to the south is well maintained and travellers can access Mauritania via the coastal road. Most visitors limit themselves to Fez and Meknes, but the far side of the Atlas Mountains is a fascinating landscape of desert-like oases. This is a country well worth visiting.

Map size: 27*39"

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Legend Includes:
Highway, Other Roads, Railroads, Ferry route, Airports, Distance in km, International & district boundaries, Elevation in feet, Tram line, Bus terminal, City Gate, National Park, River, Stream and Creek, Dunes, Dry lakes, Mountain peaks, Cities, Point of interest, Viewpoints, Ruins, World Heritage, Hostel, Castle/palace, Mosque, Lightouse, Port, Beach, Museum, Shopping Centre, Cinema etc.

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