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Central USA / Mississippi River States

1st Edition

Scale 1:1,840,000
ISBN 9781553419051
UPC 815534190574
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ITMB's coverage of the USA is steadily expanding. This particular map follows the course of the great Mississippi River from is headwaters in the northern US to its mouth in New Orleans. By the nature of its vast area of drainage, which corresponds to the former French domain of Louisiana (purchased by the USA in 1803), the land includes some of the most famous historic sites in America, all of which are included on this map. Seventeen States are included on this double-sided map, and while "ol' Miss" is closely associated with the southern States (riverboats, cotton, the civil war), it is equally associated with the western expansion of America beyond the original thirteen colonies east of the Appalachians and the eventful thrust westwards into the grand prairie region of buffaloes and warrior tribes. This is a very exciting part of American history, captured on paper as a map. It is incredibly detailed, and if you ever wondered where the Bluewater Battlefield is located, it's on the map (Nebraska, by the way). This map is dedicated to Florence, of La Cartotheque, whose expressive Gallic enthusiasm for a map of the Louisiana Purchase so impressed Lan that our staff devoted the next year and a half to creating this map; printed double-sided on paper.

Legend Includes:
Roads by classification, Salt Lake, National Park, State Park, Military Property, Indian Lands, World Heritage Site, Airport, Point of Interest, Natural Point of Interest, Hot Spring, Museum, Monument, Fishing Waterfalls Beaches and more.

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