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Hungary & Budapest Travel Reference Map

2nd Edition

Scale 1:540,000/10,000
ISBN 9781553412076
UPC 815534120793
$ CAD 12.95
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€ EUR 8.95
£ GBP 7.99

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Central Europe emergence from Soviet Russia control has revealed one of the historic gems of Europe. It is difficult to think of Hungary without including Budapest, and the Danube River. This updated edition of Hungary shows the entire country on one side, with Budapest filling the other. This is the perfect map for a trip to the heart of Europe. The map has also been upgraded to plastic paper for durability. With this map, a traveller would not need another map to explore beautiful Hungary

Legend Includes:
Road by classification, Major road, Tram, Long distance train, Ferry dock, Church, Post office, Point of interest, Police station, Shopping centre, Pedestrian zone and much more...

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